Good Morning Penitent, welcome to our “Drive-By Confessions” please follow the following instructions:
• Unfortunately, there will not be the opportunity to choose what priest will hear your confession.  You will be directed to the next opening once a priest is available.  DO NOT PARK IN THE SPACES IN STAY IN CAR AND IN LINE.
• If you are by yourself you will not need to get out of your car, the priest will approach the passenger side you will lower your window and he will hear your confession there.
• If there are others in the car you will pull up to the priest, put the car on park and one at a time will approach the priest still adhering to the required distance of 6 ft.  You will make sure that the windows in your car are closed to give the penitent the privacy of his or her confession.  Recommend that you leave the radio on to give more privacy to those going to confession.
• Once done you will go on home and do your penance there.
Note:  Have you created an altar at home?  If not, we suggest to create one so that as a family there is have a focal point to pray.  Recommend you do a 9-day rosary novena to our Lady of Guadalupe for normality back in our world.  Yes, these times of crisis are challenging to all.   How often do we say I didn’t have time to go to church or confession, or even pray, we have been given the gift of time, so let us take advantage of it to get closer to our Father in Heaven and to our families.

The following items will be addressed during the Tuesday and Saturday Drive-Thru Confessions:


A parish staff member will be present to sell candles for $4.00 each. Please have exact change ready.

Holy Water:

Please bring a container with water at the time of confession and one of our priests will bless the water for you.

Cash Tithes:

Anyone who wishes to drop of their Sunday tithe (cash or check) can leave it with the priest or parish staff member at this time.

During this time of crisis, our priests are available to hear confessions at these times:

Tuesday: 4p

Saturday: 9a